I am a culture admirer who knows the etherial platform of art
becomes a live exhibition . Precisely for that reason , I chose this
career; Producer Manager, my purpose is to bring art to reality
and all that is been wrote on Literature. As production Manager, I develop a theatrical production from the script to
the opening night. I know how to use the theatrical mechanics
to carry on and start the play.

My sweet place is being in contact objectively with the creative
on stage and in a direct relation with the director’s ideas and
My knowledge has been based in technicalities over the stage
and I supervise the creative concepts to realize my work under
strict theatrical terms.
As producer I have the aptitude to make the theater play’s props
and to give any solutions to carry out the script in need.
Under request; once the tour starts I could take it to any part of
the world as tour manager. As an international producer I take
care of official documents, room list, supplies, in case of need
medicines or special needs for the talent or staff, under
emergency I can offer CPR procedure.
Also, I am a light designer and even without having the design
I’ll adapt the technical needs of a theatre to offer an artistic
suitable level, on a side note I am a customer designer too which
studies the play’s time to document realism. As a stage designer
based on my university architecture’s studies. I create scenic
spaces under director’s requests. When the theater play is
multimedia; I could develop the video production and film it.


Universidad del Valle de

México. Architecture.


Núcleo de Estudios
Teatrales NET. Art Designer
and Scenography


Banff Center. Alberta,
Canada. Light Designer



Producer Manager
“Teatro de Arena”.
1993 to date. Independent
Producer Manager.


Director of “Instituto
Nacional de la Bellas Artes”
(October- November) CoProducer of Brooklyn
Academy of Music.


Producer of the
festival “Musica y Escena”.



Director “Centro Cultural
2007 (October – November)
Producer Manager “SMART
Mercedes Benz release”

2013 (July- October)

Technical Director “Festival
International de Cabaret”

2014 (January- April)

Technical Director “Festival
International de las Artes
Costa Rica” (FIA 2014)

“Working with
her, makes my
work easy; She
brings my ideas
to life and my
scripts to

Mario Urrutia, Scriptwriter/Director

El Jinete de la divina providencia. Oscar Liera

Direction: José Enrique Gorlero.
La Secreta Obscenidad de cada día. Marco
Antonio de la Parra. Direction: MartínAcosta.
Carta al artista adolescente. Luis Mario Mocada.
Direction: Martín Acosta
Hamlet. Direction: Luis Mario Moncada
Opiniones de un Payaso. Heinrich Böll Fausto.
John Jesurun
La Historia de Tomás. Direction: Luis Rábago
Súper Héroes en la aldea global. Luis Mario
Moncada. Arte: Antón Chekov. Direction:
Mario Espinosa
Woyzeck. Buchner. Direction: Agustín Meza
La Historia de llorar por él. Direction: Ignacio
Agua blanca. John Jesurun. Direction: Martín
Naturaleza muerta y Marlon Brando. Humberto
Leyva. Direction: Omar Ortiz
La Vida Muda. Gerardo Trejo Luna. Direction:
Rubén Ortiz
Erótica de fin de Circo. Direction: Israel Cortez
Fausto o la curiosidad mato al gato. Direction:
Claudio Valdez Curi
Zafo en las alturas. Marguerite Yourcenar.
Direction:José Enrique Gorlero
El siniestro plan de Vinltila Radulezku. Martin
Zapata Yuna. Jaime Chaguad. Direction: Aarón Hernández
Emigrados. Slavomir Mrozek. Direction: David
La noche de las aves cabalísticas. Hugo
Argüelles. Direction: José Enrique Gorlero
Moliere hipocondriaco. Moliere. Direction:
Artaud Charpentiere
Extras. Sabina Berma. Direction: Philippe
Amand Alejandría
Terminó. Direction: José Enrique Gorlero
Animales insólitos. Humberto Leyva. Direction:
Martín Acosta
Las historias que se cuentan los hermanos
siameses. Direction: Luis Mario Moncada
Interiores. Woody Allen. Direction: Martín
Visitas inesperadas. Verónica Langer Filoctettes.
Direction: John Jesurun
La vida no vale nada. Direction: Luis Mario
El Ogrito. Suzanne Lebeau. Direction: Martín
Bajo el volcán. Direction: Malcolm Lowry
El prólogo. Peter Hanke. Direction: Rolando
La cajita de ópalo iridiscente. Direction: José
Enrique Gorlero
Crack. Direction: Edgar Chías

Para soñar que no estamos huyendo. Ana
Francis Mor Acto de comunión. Direction:
Lautaro Vilo
Don Juan Tirso de Molina. Direction: Héctor
La estación. Omar Argentino
Santos y Santos. Direction: Mafer Suarez
Las 7 bellezas de la Giralda
Fin de siglo en el Zócalo Df
El Cimarron. Direction: Hans Werner
Henze. Direction:SergioVela
LaSirenita. Direction:José Enrique Gorlero
Un rico tres pobres. Luis Calaveree. Direction:
David Psalmon
El globo rojo. Direction: Albert Lamorisse.
La historia de los 4 que soñaron. Direction:
Sergio Solis
El motel de los destinos cruzados. Luis Mario
La prostituta de Ohio. Hanoch Levyn
Las historias completas de William Shakespeare.
William Shakespeare
La quinceañera. Hugo Argüelles. Direction:
Bruno Bert
Broken Promises by Francisco Garcia

  • Miracle Theatre Portland Oregon Jan 2016 Stage Manager
  • Contigo Pan y Cebolla by Nelda Reyes Miracle
    Theatre Portland Oregon. Feb 2016 Lighting
  • Well we are Mourning by Sergio Solis Arts
    theatre CAN. Mexico City April 2016 Light and
    Set Designer
  • El muerto vagabundo ( Day of the dead) by
    Georgina Escobar Miracle Theatre Portlan
    Oregon October 2016 Light Designer
  • A bicycle country by Georgina Escobar Aurora
    theatre Lorensville Georgia April 2017 Set
  • An Octoroon by Damaso Rodriguez and Lava
    Alapai The Artist Repertory Theatre Sep 2017
    Ligth Designer
  • Astucias por Heredar. By Robi Arce The miracle
    Theatre Portland Oregon march 2018 Set
  • The taming by Lauren Gunderson Coho
    theatre portland Oregon oct 2018 Ligth
  • Christmas Carol
    Portland Playhouse
  • In the Name of forgotten Women.
    By:Cindy Williams
    Coho Theatre. Portland Orego
    Light Designer. 2022
  • Neat by: Charlayne Woodward.
    Interstate Firehouse Cultural Center.
    PassinArt. Portland Oregon.
    Light Designer 2022
  • Bella An American Tall Tale.
    By: Kirten Childs.
    Portland Playhouse.
    Lighting Designer 2022.
  • Rejoice Dance film
    Light and Set Designer
    Alberta House
    Portland Oregon.
  • The unforgettable note.
    Audio Drama Los Angeles California .
    Producer. 2022
  • Kissin the witch.
    By: Jan Baross.
    Corrib Theatre
    Lighting Designer 2022.

Lighting and Set Designer

1982-Arnold Belking. Metropolitan University of Iztapalapa.
2004- Peter Greenaway. Tamayo Museum, Mexico City.
Producer Manager.
2006-Roger Waters. Jump Collection, Ecatepec. Assistant
producer and Lighting designer.
2009-Cabezas de Cera (Music). Esperanza Iris Theater, Mexico
City. Lighting designer.
2009- Guy Cassiers. Belgium. Multimedia Producer for Under
2012- Clare Becker. Personal Gallery. Lighting designer.

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